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Plagiarism policy is strictly implemented in COMSATS University Islamabad. The plagiarism of all documents consisting of the thesis, dissertations and project reports are strictly evaluated through Turnitin, similarity identification software recommended by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Junaid Zaidi Library (JZL) is serving user community since 2007 in respect of plagiarism/ similarity identification. JZL always facilitate user community so that they can get service without any hurdle

Now users can submit their documents to check plagiarism through Dropbox. Please click on Upload button to upload a document. JZL will check similarity/ plagiarism and respond to you in the same working day, In Shah Allah.

You can click here to send your queries regarding plagiarism report or feedback about our services.

Group Study/Discussion Rooms

Junaid Zaidi Library has dedicated spaces for student’s collaboration in shape of Group Study/Discussion Rooms. Library has a total of 7 Group Study/Discussion Rooms available on each floor of the library except ground floor. Each Group Study/Discussion Room has an average seating capacity of 8-10 students. These spaces are primarily designed for study related discussion purposes. Each Group Study/Discussion Room is equipped with a whiteboard. As these rooms are not soundproof, therefore, only light discussion is allowed.

Conditions to use Group Study/Discussion Rooms

  • The minimum number of users is 3 and maximum up to 10 users.
  • The maximum hours of usage of each discussion room is 1 hour. Extension in usage of the discussion rooms are allowed subject to availability if there is no standing reservation for the next hour.
  • All personal belongings (laptops, cell phones, wallets, books etc) may not be left unattended in the discussion room/s.
  • The discussion room/s should not be used for social purposes/entertainment purposes (e.g. watching movies, having a party or chatting etc).
  • No foods or drinks are allowed in the discussion room/s.
  • Only use the chairs and table provided in the room/s, do not bring in furniture from other areas of the library.
  • Discussion room users must ensure the discussion room is neat and tidy before leaving. Arranging the furniture, and returning all library materials to the counter.
  • Your booking will be cancelled if you arrived later than 15 minutes and the room will be released for other users to use.
  • The patron/student is strongly encouraged to inspect the room prior to use and report any pre-existing damage to the room. Any abuse of the rooms may result in revoking usage of the group study room/s.
  • Students/patrons using rooms should be considerate of other groups and keep their noise level to a minimum.
  • In case the students want to vacate the room for lunch or any other purpose, they should inform the front desk staff accordingly.
  • The library is not responsible for students’ lost or stolen property.
  • All rooms must be vacated by 08.50 p.m. sharp during weekdays.
  • Failure to comply with the library policies, rules and regulations will be grounded for suspension of discussion room/s privileges.
  • Library reserves the right to terminate use of discussion room/s that disrupts library users or staff or that interferes with normal library operations.

Procedure of Reservation

  • The request for booking/reservation of rooms can be made by filling up this online form https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=bAnfdXKL5Eibkcv3nYfuOmYznRgft0RNrUxIVEvWz1lUMlZPUjJVSFNGOUJGSzdHUFlZRTBSTkNTNC4u
  • The rooms can be issued to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 students (based on availability and size of the room/s).
  • Rooms cannot be “reserved” by a student who is waiting for his/her group members to come later.
  • Library Information Desk staff reserves the right to cancel any reservation or ask students to vacate the room in case of violation of room usage guidelines.
  • In case a single student wants a discussion room, special permission can be granted by the concerned In charge of the floor.



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