Video Conference Room

Video conferencing is an online technology that allows users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to a single location together. Video conferencing main advantage over telephone conference calls is that users can see each other, which allows them to develop stronger relationships. The Video Conference Room is one of the unique spaces in the Junaid Zaidi Library, especially designed with the purpose of fulfilling the needs of users through the use of modern information communication technologies. It is one of the frequently used spaces in the Junaid Zaidi Library. The faculty members and research scholars of different levels avail of the modern technologies installed in the Video Conference Room. The Video Conference Room has a seating capacity of 58 members to attend the events/conferences/workshops. It is equipped with latest ICTs and infrastructure. The Junaid Zaidi Library users utilize the facility of Video Conference Room for multipurpose, including conducting trainings, seminars, theses defense and official meetings.

Procedure of Reservation

To make a prior reservation for an upcoming event in the Video Conference Room, users need to contact Junaid Zaidi Library administration by emailing at muhammad_asif@comsats.edu.pk



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