PhD Research Lab:

The PhD Research Lab at the 1st floor of Junaid Zaidi Library promotes a synergistic relationship between research and access to academic resources. It creates a collaborative and supportive environment for PhD students and researchers, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

The availability of such a dedicated space for reading can enhance the overall learning experience for PhD students and researchers. It provides a comfortable and quiet environment conducive to focused study and reflection.

For PhD students and researchers, this is a dedicated space for in-depth research and inquiry. It can serve as a quiet area for reviewing literature, gathering information, and contemplating research directions.

This is a communal space for researchers where they come together to discuss research related books and articles, share recommendations, and engage in intellectual conversations with each other. This speed up a sense of community and collaboration between researchers.

It is a special creative and comfortable environment which can inspire innovative thinking and creativity. It is a space where researchers draw inspiration for their projects, research, or creative endeavors.

It contributes well to a professional atmosphere within the Junaid Zaidi Library, supporting a culture of research and academic excellence. This can positively impact the university's reputation and contribute to the scholarly community.



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