Research Cubicles:

Research cubicles at the 2nd floor of Junaid Zaidi Library are dedicated spaces designed to provide researchers with a conducive environment in order to focus on their research productivity. These cubicles are typically found in university libraries around the world for facilitating researchers.

It provides a quiet and focused environment, allowing researchers and students to concentrate on their work without the distractions of a busy library or other communal spaces. It offers a degree of privacy for researchers, making them suitable for tasks that require deep concentration, such as reading, writing, or data analysis. This privacy can be especially important for sensitive or confidential research.

Junaid Zaidi Library has placed research cubicles in close proximity to valuable resources, reference materials, and databases. This makes it convenient for researchers to access and utilize the resources needed for their work. Each research cubicle provides an individualized workspace where researchers can organize their materials, books, and notes according to their preferences. This personalized setup contributes to efficiency and productivity.

These research cubicles are equipped with power outlets and internet connectivity, facilitating the use of personal devices such as laptops, tablets, or research-specific equipment. This integration of technology supports digital research tools and online resources.

Junaid Zaidi Library allows researchers to reserve cubicles in advance, ensuring that they have a dedicated space when needed. This reservation system helps researchers plan their work and ensures that they have access to a suitable environment.

These research cubicles contribute to a professional atmosphere within the Junaid Zaidi Library, supporting a culture of research and academic excellence. This can positively impact the university's reputation and contribute to the scholarly community.



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