Rules & Regulations

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The library users shall be defined into following categories:

  • Faculty:
    • Senior Faculty (Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Deans, Advisors)
    • Junior Faculty (Lecturers, Research Fellows, Academic Associates/Assistants, RAs/TAs)
  • Students:
    • Undergraduate (Bachelor Level)
    • Graduate (Master Level)
    • Postgraduate (Research Scholars/Post.Doc/PhD)
  • Officers:
    • OG-1 and above/equivalent grades including consultants, guests of honor.
  • Staff:
    • SG-1 to SG-IV
  • Temporary/Visiting:
    • Visiting faculty and any other person allowed to use the library for a limited period.


The users of the library will be entitled to borrow library material according to the privileges/entitlements defined below:

(a) Faculty:

Senior Faculty: 10 Books for a whole semester 

Junior Faculty: 06 Books for a whole semester


Undergraduate: 02 Books for 30 working days

Graduate: 04 Books for 30 working days

Postgraduate: 06 Books for 30 working days

(c) Officers:

06 books for a whole semester

(d) Staff:

02 Books for 30 working days

(e) Temporary/Visiting:



  1. Monday to Thursday, the working hours for Library will be (08:00am - 09:00pm).
  2. Friday, the working hours for Library will be (08:00am - 05:00pm). From 01.00 pm to 02:00 pm, the service counters will remain closed for “Jumma Prayer”.
  3. The library shall remain closed on Saturday & Sundays and on gazetted holidays.
  4. The timings of the library during the holy month of Ramazan and summer vacations will be as per the official announcement.
  5. The patrons of the library will be entitled to borrow/use the library resources, services, and facilities according to the privileges defined under various categories in this document.
  6. It is mandatory for all the patrons of the library, (including the faculty patrons) to display the valid ID Cards/identification document, issued by the University. Those who fail to comply with the rule shall be denied access to the library building, resources, services, and facilities.
  7. The patrons must show their Identification Card/document for inspection if requested by a staff member of the library.
  8. The patrons are not allowed to bring edibles/food/drinks in any form in the library.
  9. Bags, handbags, briefcases, cameras, electronic equipment, other than switched off mobile phones and portable computers/handheld computing devices / tablet PCs, and similar personal belongings shall not be allowed inside the library.
  10. Files, folders, coats, and other like items shall be subject to examination on entry and exit.
  11. Personal belongings carried or deposited by the library patrons shall be subject to checking, if required by the library staff, according to the prescribed process.
  12. The patrons are required to take care of their personal belongings. The library does not accept responsibility for the loss/damage or misplacement of personal belongings, except, only with due process, for the un-precious items deposited at the designated places with token. No claims for any valuables/precious items shall be entertained.
  13. Where applicable, the patrons should get the token from the library counter when leaving their personal belongings at designated places in the library and it must be ensured by the user that the deposited belongings do not contain any valuable items.
  14. Patrons are advised to take care of the token as they will be required to return the token to claim the items they left at designated places.
  15. If available, patrons may place their personal belongings on open pigeonholes at their own risk.
  16. Silence must be strictly observed in the library except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff at the Circulation Desk or during academic discussions in the discussion rooms.
  17. Snoozing and/or resting/idle sitting are not permitted in the library.
  18. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all sections of the library.
  19. The use of mobile telephones is not permitted in the library without exception. The patrons are required to either turn off or set the mobile phones to ‘silent’ mode while entering the library.
  20. The patrons are required to leave the library material on the tables after consultation to be shelved only by the library staff.
  21. The patrons are not allowed to write, underline, or mark the library books and other like material. The library material will be carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for any such damage and shall be liable to pay the penalty.
  22. The library staff on duty are empowered to stop, by all means, any activity in the library which they consider a nuisance for the library environment or harmful for the library’s equipment, resources and infrastructure.
  23. Patrons are required to maintain strict discipline in the library. Disruptive behavior will lead to disciplinary action and withdrawal of the library privileges.
  24. The library staff members are empowered to stop any activity in the library which they consider detrimental to the library resources/equipment/furniture, etc., or threatening to the security environment.
  25. The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises if he/ she is found to be violating any of the library rules/etiquette.
  26. The library shall not accept responsibility for the loss/damage of borrowing material occurring as a result of a catastrophe or due to a calamity.
  27. The library computers and audiovisual material must not be used for playing games, music or watching movies, etc.
  28. The patrons are not allowed to paste/hang posters/flyers anywhere inside or outside the library building. Also, they are not allowed to distribute any such material in the library unless authorized by the library management.
  29. When leaving the library, the patrons are required to produce for inspection books and other items taken out of the library.


  1. The library material can ONLY be borrowed on a valid ID card/ Library ID/ RFID Card, issued for the purpose and borrower is responsible for returning Library materials by their due dates.
  2. The ID Cards/Library ID/RFID Cards are non-transferable. The patrons are NOT authorized to lend their ID Cards/Library ID/RFID Cards to other patrons for borrowing books or other like material from the library. The patrons found misusing the identification card will be denied access to the library facility altogether.
  3. All patrons are responsible for informing the library in case of any change in address, phone, and email.
  4. The borrowed library materials must be returned on or before the due date. Overdue materials shall not be renewed; rather, they must be returned to the library to be checked in as soon as possible.
  5. Failure to receive a library notice does not remove the borrower’s obligation to return the materials by the due date and it does not constitute grounds for reducing a borrower’s fine.
  6. The patrons will not be permitted to borrow any library material without first returning all overdue materials and paying overdue fines.
  7. The borrowed library materials shall be renewed, upon request, for another term of privilege/entitlement, if these have not been already reserved for another user. Any further renewal/extension in borrowing shall only be done after special consideration of the circulation staff.
  8. Regardless of the due date, the borrowed library materials must immediately be returned if a recall is sent to the patrons.
  9. Many materials in the library have multiple pieces, such as educational kits, media equipment, and media. It is the responsibility of the patron to return all pieces.
  10. All types of reference material, including the reference copies of the Textbooks, Journals, Serial publications, and other material tagged as reference collection can only be consulted within the premises of the library.
  11. Special collection tagged as restricted to selected fields/courses of studies will be issued only to the users of the relevant department/field/course of studies.
  12. Unauthorized removal of any kind of library materials from library premises will be considered a serious offence.
  13. While borrowing books, manuals, etc. the patrons will be entitled to borrow the accompanying material e.g., DVDs, Cassettes, etc., however accompanying materials may be borrowed separately.
  14. Reservation of Book: The patrons can reserve a book or other like material already issued to another patron in advance. A notice will be sent to the concerned patron as soon as the required material is returned to the library. The patron who reserves the material in advance will be asked through the notice to borrow the reserved material within 60 working hours. If the patron fails to collect the reserved material within due time the material will be issued to another patron.
  15. The patrons are required to handle the library books and other like material with extreme care. The borrowed library material will be inspected on return. In case of any damage the last borrower will be held responsible. The patrons are therefore advised to check the material when borrowing from the library. They should immediately report to the circulation desk if pages are found marked, damaged or missing.
  16. Deliberate mutilation and defacement of library materials like tearing, underlining, marking, colouring and highlighting is considered a serious offense and shall result in appropriate disciplinary action and/or imposition of fines. Any accidental damage must, however, be immediately reported to the library management so that assessments can be made, and losses recovered as prescribed.
  17. The library reserves the right to assess and declare the condition of all returned library materials.
  18. Inter-library loan facility is provided for the users on request only through the library of their respective campus on the prescribed form as direct loan applications are not accepted by campus libraries.


  1. Mutilation and defacement of library materials is an offense which shall invoke action and penalty under the prescribed Library Rules. The patrons are required to carefully use the borrowed library materials.
  2. The patrons must immediately inform the library if the material held by them is lost or damaged accidentally or otherwise.
  3. Library patrons (borrowers) who lose or damage, intentionally or accidentally, library material is required to pay repair or replacement costs OR may choose/elect to replace/purchase the lost or damaged material with an acceptable copy, if approved by the Librarian/In Charge Library.
  4. The patrons will be responsible for replacing the lost/damaged material by purchasing it themselves.
  5. Borrowers/Patrons are subject to replacement or damage charges when:
    1. Library materials will be declared lost by circulation staff members based on the specific material’s loan period, or if the patron declares the library material lost before that time.
    2. Library material is returned in irreparably damaged condition.
  6. Patrons are not charged for normal wear and tear on library materials. However, the following conditions do not constitute normal wear and tear and may result in repair or replacement charges:
    1. Wet or moldy books/library materials
    2. Books/library materials damaged by food stains, oily, or sticky residue.
    3. Books/library materials missing pages or covers.
    4. Books/library materials containing highlighting, underlining, marking, pen marks, or crayon marks.
    5. Books/library materials showing tears, cuts, graffiti, or other unusual damage.
  7. The replaced materials must be in new or “like new” condition and must be identical to the original copy and have the same ISBN number or other standard identifying number as determined

by a library staff member. However, if accepted by the Authorities/Librarian, these can be replaced with the latest/current editions.

  1. If a patron fails to replace the lost/damaged material, a replacement cost equal to five times of the market/original price, whichever applicable will be charged.
  2. If the lost/damaged book is one of a set or series, the patrons may be required to replace the whole set or series.
  3. The patrons who have lost or damaged the borrowed material shall not be allowed to borrow any library material until the lost material is recovered.
  4. If an item is replaced with an approved copy the patron is still responsible for processing fee and fine charges.
  5. Lost items, that are replaced remain the property of the LIBRARY and must be returned if found.


  1. The patrons are required to immediately inform the library/CUI authorities if the CUI ID Card/ Library ID/RFID Card is lost or damaged and apply for a duplicate card.
  2. The patrons will be required to pay the applicable replacement cost for the duplicate CUI ID Card/Library ID/RFID Card.


  1. Unauthorized installation of, or attempting to install, any computer program, software, spyware, malware, application, etc., on the library computers is strictly prohibited. Any such attempt will invoke severe penalty. Any patron involved in such activity will be denied the library facility altogether. The patrons should contact the concerned library officer if a software/program or application is required to be installed for academic/research purposes.
  2. The patrons are not allowed to fix any malfunctioning or other such problems while using the library computers, Internet, Intranet, or the audiovisual material and equipment. Kindly report any such problem immediately to the concerned library counter so that the issue is appropriately resolved by professionally trained staff.
  3. The Browsing computers can be booked by all the patrons on an hourly basis. The facility is available on a first-come first-serve basis. The patrons are required to get registered at the concerned library counter.
  4. The patrons are not allowed to create user accounts on library computers. A temporary user account can, however, be created for a user only by the library staff.
  5. The library management shall not be responsible for any loss of the research data stored on the library computers. The users are advised to keep a backup of their data on external devices such as USB or DVD and take it with them when leaving the library.
  6. Softcopies of the required library materials will be provided to the users on request subject to copyright.


  1. Controlled access to a large collection of full text E-books, including textbooks and E-articles, is provided through the CUI E-library, accessible through the library web portal, with direct access only to bibliographic information. Full text is provided on request only subject to copyright.
  2. On-Campus access to the digital/e-resources, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is provided to all the library patrons. The faculty patrons and research students will however be entitled to apply for Off-Campus access to the digital resources.
  3. Off-Campus access to the digital resources will be provided through Virtual Private Network (VPN) to those registered patrons who are engaged in research work. The users will be required to submit the “Off-Campus Access Request Form” to the library for approval.


Information desks and circulation desks may be consulted while using the library services.


  1. The patrons will be served with an Overdue Notices, with 03 days interval, if borrowed material is not returned on the due date. If the material is not returned after the second Overdue Notice, a late return fine will be charged.
  2. 10 per book, per day shall be charged on overdue books and other like material on return.
  3. If a damaged/lost material is not replaced, Replacement Charges, equal to five times of the original cost (purchase price or current one) of the material shall be charged. The same will apply for out-of-print titles.
  4. In case of non-availability of the original cost, the decision of the library authorities on the fixing of price will be final and it shall not be less than Rs. 2000/-
  5. If the patron fails to submit the replacement cost of the lost or damaged material, the amount will be deducted from the “Security Deposits”. In case the stipulated amount exceeds the Security Deposits, the authorities reserve the right to withhold the issuance of Library Clearance Certificate until the dues are paid by the patron. The cost shall be recovered at source from the employees if not paid in cash within two months’ time.
  6. The library has been furnished with the best possible furniture, fittings, fixtures and equipment. The patrons are urged to use the furnishings with every care. In case of a patron found misusing or damaging the library furnishings, he/she shall be liable to pay the total replacement cost.
  7. Where applicable, 200/- shall be charged if the token is lost or damaged. It is always a good idea to immediately take down the token number since the patron will be required to submit a written application, mentioning the token number, and confirming that and items belong to him/her.
  8. 500/- shall be charged as a processing fee for all lost materials.


Clearance Certificates shall be issued to the patrons on their request only after they have cleared all library dues and have returned all the borrowed books and other like material to the library. 



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