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Get Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism policy is strictly implemented in COMSATS University Islamabad. The plagiarism of all documents consisting of the thesis, dissertations and project reports are strictly evaluated through Turnitin, similarity identification software recommended by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Junaid Zaidi Library (JZL) is serving user community since 2007 in respect of plagiarism/ similarity identification. JZL always facilitate user community so that they can get service without any hurdle

Now users can submit their documents to check plagiarism through Dropbox. Please click on Upload button to upload a document. JZL will check similarity/ plagiarism and respond to you in the same working day, In Shah Allah.

You can click here to send your queries regarding plagiarism report or feedback about our services.

Research Support Services

The Reference and Research section of Junaid Zaidi Library offers following research support services to its prospective users. The details and procedures of these services are discussed as follows.

1. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI Service)

This is a specialized library service for those users who are working or intend to work on a research related project/s. The purpose of this service is to provide the prospective users, some selective and specific information related to their specific area/s of interest. Through this service, the users can get informative material/s in shape of e-books, research articles, review articles, newspaper clippings and updates about the latest printed books added in the library stock.

  • To avail of this service, the interested users need to fill up an (SDI Inquiry Form) which can be accessed and downloaded from the following link: http://ww3.comsats.edu.pk/library/files/SDI Inquiry Form.pdf
  • After filling up this form the users will be required to submit this form in the library by hand or they may email it as an attachment on the following email id: arslan_sheikh@comsats.edu.pk
  • The Reference & Research section will analyze the information needs of the registered users and will entertain their information needs/queries time to time through email.

2. Anti-Plagiarism Service

COMSATS University Islamabad is committed to offer high quality education to its students and to meet the quality standards CUI has a strict policy on plagiarism. The J.Z. library facilitates its users to detect and reduce plagiarism in their research and academic writings. The purpose of this service is not only to pursue the policy of HEC; rather it also aims to discourage the practice of plagiarism in the pedagogical activities of CUI community.

  • To check the plagiarism in a document, the users can email their documents to the R&R section on the following email id: arslan_sheikh@comsats.edu.pk
  • Moreover, the users can also visit the R&R section personally. A user can ask for the plagiarism report of the same document for maximum three times.

3. Other Services

The aim of J. Z. Library’s research support services is to boost the research productivity of CUI by assisting its students, faculty and staff members in writing and publishing research papers and theses/dissertations. Some other research support services include different sort of services including:

  • Assistance of researchers in searching their required literature
  • Help in referencing and citing the literature
  • Assistance in accessing the inaccessible information material on the internet
  • Guidance in writing research articles/thesis and dissertations
  • Guidance in getting the research work published in quality journals
  • Help in thesis formatting

The users can avail of these services by contacting the R&R section through following email ids: arslan_sheikh@comsats.edu.pk Moreover, they may personally visit the R&R section as well. Users can get one on one service, as well as a group meeting can also be arranged with coordination of the R&R section.

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