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The violation of Junaid Zaidi Library rules may result in following fines;

* A fine of Rs.10 per book, per day shall be charged for late returns.

* In case of loss of book(s) the lost books shall have to be replaced. For out of print titles, the amount equal to five times the original purchase price of the book(s) shall be charged.

* The total cost of the damaged or lost material, which can be replaced, shall be charged.

* Those borrowers who have lost books shall not be allowed to borrow any Junaid Zaidi Library material until the lost material is replaced.

* If the Junaid Zaidi Library user fails to submit the replacement cost of lost or damaged material, this amount will be deducted from the “Security Deposits” of the user; in case the stipulated amount exceeds the Security Deposits of the user. The authorities reserve the rights to withhold the issuance of degree to the student concerned till he/she either replaces the lost book/material or pays the stipulated amount, or to recover the cost at source from the employees if not paid in cash in two months time.

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