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General Rules

  1. The use of the Libraries shall be open to the members of the following categories:
    1. Faculty and Staff
    2. Research Fellows and Scholars
    3. Students on the roll of the Institute
  2. The borrowing previliges of the users are mentioned as under:
  3. Sr# Category Books Limit Loan Period
    1 Undergraduates 2 30 Days
    2 Graduates (MBA-MS) 4 30 Days
    3 Post Graduates (Ph-D) 8 30 Days
    4 Senior Faculty (Deans/ Advisors/ Professors/ Associate Professors/ Assistant Professors) 10 Semester
    5 Faculty (Lecturers/ RAs/ TAs) 5 Semester
    6 Officers (OG-I to OG-4 officers) 6 100 Days
    7 Staff 2 100 Days
  4. The borrowed books shall be renewed for a further period of four weeks, if these have not been reserved for another user. Overdue books shall not be renewed.
  5. Books and other material of the following description shall not be issued to borrowers but may be consulted in the Library during working hours.
    1. Reference books like encyclopedia, dictionaries, reports and other reference materials
    2. Reserved books
    3. Rare books and protected documents
    4. Microfilms, manuscripts
    5. Periodicals
    6. Any other material at the discretion of the Librarian
  6. Mutilation of library material is a crime qualifying for penalty under Library Rules. However, books accidentally damaged should be reported promptly so that suitable assessment may be made and damages recovered.
  7. In case, a book is urgently required, the librarian may recall it at a short notice any time and such a book shall be returned immediately by the borrower.
  8. If a library ticket is lost or damaged, Rs.100.00 shall be charged for a new library ticket.
  9. New arrivals of books, periodicals, journals, research reports and other materials of interest shall be notified by the Librarian to the Chairmen/Head of various Departments periodically.
  10. Members of the library shall be entitled to borrow books and other material from the library except those which are mentioned in rule 5 above.


  1. Users are not allowed to bring their personal belongings in the library. All members shall be required to leave their personal belongings (books, files, briefcases, handbags, registers, etc) at the entrance of the library at designated place.
  2. Users are not allowed to write, underline or mark the library books. The library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for defacing or damaging or causing loss of library material in his possession.
  3. Users shall leave the library material on the tables after consultation to be shelved ONLY by the library staff.
  4. Complete silence should be observed inside the library except for the brief and subdued talk with the library staff at the Circulation Desk or in any other Section of the library.
  5. Drinking, eating and sleeping shall not be allowed inside the library.
  6. Use of Mobile and Smoking are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  7. Loud talking/un-necessary discussion/disturbance / snoozing etc shall not be allowed inside the library.

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