Opening Ceremony of paintings exhibition of professor Nargis Khalid

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) launched the Department of Architecture and Design six years back. Now CIIT is going to launch another program of Fine Arts. Before starting Fine Arts, Dr. S.M. Junaid Zaidi (Rector, CIIT) wanted to provide a platform for the faculty of Arts and Culture at CIIT and other budding/senior artists. In this regard, the gallery CIIT has now organized a Retrospective Painting s exhibition ‘’Safar’’ by Professor Nargis Khalid. The exhibition has inaugurated by H.E Mohammed Ebrahim Mohammed Abdulqadar, Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The gallery at CIIT is focusing on the variety of Art forms for future shows in which Calligraphy, Ceramics, Photography, Installations and Sculpture will be included. National and International artist will be invited for Art talks and exhibitions.

Professor Nargis Khalid is a Foreign Faculty Professor from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in the department of Architecture and Design at CIIT. Nargis was born in Mumbai but grew up and went to school and college in Karachi. She moved to Dubai in 1976 together with a few year very enthusiastic art lovers, she founded the Dubai International Art Centre. She completed her Master Degree in Art Education, from Rhode Island School of Design, U.S.A. She lived in U.S for many years, served as an Art Educationist along exhibiting her work. She has been teaching in American College of Dubai, formely represented by University of Southern New Hampshire.

She has a strong list of achievements in which she has been actively involved in showing her work in U.A.E, and International juried International shows in U.S.A. She has now three shows in Pakistan after her last show in 1976.

Nargis has participated in a number of exhibitions Nationally and Internationally and her paintings are now in U.S.A, U.K, Netherland, Pakistan, Germany, France and Mexico.

Farah Adnan, a renowned artist and Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Design is the curator of this exhibition and talked in detail about the whole concept of the gallery at CIIT. Farah talked highly about the senior internationally renowned artist Nargis Khalid’s work. She explained that there is a very strong approach of textures and colors in Nargis’s paintings that one can visualize the variety of lively colors. There is a lot magnetism in her compositions and amalgamation of colors.

Nargis while talking about her work explained that, Myths and events in our life from the perfect subject matter for art .I have a fascination for colors as I am always tuned in to sights and sounds and fragrance in nature. Many times I have stood mesmerized by the colors of sunrise, color of sunset as a child; I was fascinated by colors of Holi and colors in traditional Jewels, fabrics and pottery. Painting to me is like a journey in the chroma zone.

The scenario around us is violence, bomb explosion, honor killing, deceit, the count is endless. I withdraw it to a realm of colors and invite my viewers to come and experience the magic. As long I am painting, I celebrate life.
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